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Pretty Swarovski Jewellery Artistry By Telyn & Co!

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Crystals in your everyday life .....

Welcome to Crystalsophy by Telyn & Co where everyday can be a sparkling Bling Bling day! No more fretting on the lack of accessories to coordinate your outfits. Best of all, anyone can surprise someone with a pretty gift without breaking your budget!

Would you like to add some sparkling colors to your life? A color you can't find in gemstones or find the price tag too exbortiant? Scouting for lovely affordable gifts, but don’t want to pay the price of diamonds? These sparkling handcrafted accessories using only genuine Swarovski Crystals are the perfect choices for yourself or as special occasion gifts. Buying crystals for someone can be a holistic way of introducing them to the world of beautiful crystals. Welcome to the world of crystals ....... where everyday can be a BLING2 day!

Swarovski crystal are available in birthstone colors :

Jan Garnet
Feb Amethyst
Mar Aquamarine
Apr Crystal
May Emerald
Jun White Pearl, Light Amethyst
Jul Ruby
Aug Peridot
Sept Sapphire
Oct Light Rose, White Opal
Nov Topaz
Dec Blue Zircon, Turquoise

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Telyn & Co

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